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Super Aktivator


Allows bonding on porous surfaces

Pressing components together no longer necessary

Increases the filling capacity of Super

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General info

Why is it perfect for experts?


  • Super Activator speeds up the curing of Super, making the adhesive even more versatile: 
    • after treatment, Super hardens even in thicker layers and it is now also possible to glue porous materials.
    • It is the perfect combination of strength, bonding speed and security, simplicity and perfect durability.

Why use Super Aktivator ?

Allows also the bonding of porous materials, such as bluestone, chipboard, stone, etc. with Super.


To bond:

  • Apply only on one side of a clean, dry, grease and dust-free surface.
  • Apply on the least porous surface.
  • Apply a thin coat of Super on the other surface.
  • Join together and let the Super harden.

To fill gaps:

  • Use dry and clean sand or sawdust as possible fillers.
  • Apply Super until the filler is saturated.
  • Spray Super Aktivator from a distance of 30 cm.
  • The filling can be sanded after curing. Fill deeper holes with multiple layers to avoid overreaction.

Technical information

Super Aktivator
Mount & Seal
Super Aktivator