Floor Fix


An industrial trowelable 2-component epoxy mortar

Stronger than concrete

Extreme chemical and mechanical resistance

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General info

Why is it perfect for experts?


  • An industrial trowelable 2-component epoxy mortar.
  • 3 times stronger than concrete.
  • Can be processed without extra primer or first coats.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Applicable in unlimited thicknesses and can be worked out to zero level without loss of strength and shrinkage.
  • Stands up to heavy traffic, forklifts, pallet jacks.

Why use Floor Fix ?

  • Repair of damage in industrial floors, roadways, garage floors, bridge flooring, weighbridges, loading docks, driveways, concrete joints, holes,...
  • Levelling and gradient mortar for the creation of durable, bump-free transitions for rolling traffic at doors, gates, passageways, pavements,...
  • Mass for repairing stairs and steps.
  • Fixing and levelling of door rails, floor profiles, ...
  • Mass for tile repair. For both filling up the holes of missing tiles and as a mass to lay and join new tiles.
  • Repair mortar for floor screeds.
  • Making of small speed ramps or catastrophe banks for extinguishing water and/or chemical storage zones.
  • Filling of large cracks, splits and other floor degradation.


  • Pour the hardener (entire bottle) into the epoxy mortar (bucket).
  • Mix thoroughly with a slow speed mixer for about 2 minutes to obtain a homogeneous mass. 
  • NEVER add water, cement or other products.
  • Apply onto a clean, dry and stable substrate.
  • Finishes after curing: sanding, grinding, drilling, bonding, anchoring, nailing, etc.
  • Clean tools with acetone.

Technical information

Floor Fix
Floor Fix


  • Composition: epoxy resin, polyamine hardener and acid-cleaned, calcinated quartz granulate.
  • Colour : concrete-coloured.
  • Solids content: 100%.
  • Density: ca 2 +/- 0,1 kg/dm³.
  • Compressive strength: 41 N/mm².
  • Tensile strength: 20 N/mm².
  • E-modulus: 1701 N/mm².
  • Hardening: shrink-free.
  • Adhesion:
    • to stone, concrete, wood: exceeds the cohesion of the substrate.
    • to metals: minimum 2 N/mm².
    • to plastics: always has to be tested.
  • does not adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene film (form release agents when formwork used).
  • Temperature resistance:
    • permanently from -30°C tot 50°C.
    • fortuitously to 90°C.
    • unloaded form durability: 200°C.
  • resists steam-cleaning perfectly.
  • Chemical resistance:
    • resists acids, alkalis, salts, oils, petrols, heating oil, fertilisers, urine, most solvents, aggressive vapours, sea air, ...
    • resistance is limited against strong solvents such as methylene chloride, dimethylformamide, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ...and organic acids.
  • Shelf life: Minimum 1 year in closed packaging, store in a frost-free place.

  • Safety measures: Please consult the safety data sheet.