Carpentry work

Sealing windows

XealPro PT was specially developed for finishing joints. XealPro PT is more flexible than conventional MS polymers, so that less force is required to apply it. This allows you greater precision. XealPro PT paints over very well and is UV-resistant.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove loose particles and dust. 
  • Degrease the substrate with Multiclean and a cleaning cloth. This is very important for a permanently good adhesion.
  • Cut off the spout at an angle of 45°. The opening must be somewhat smaller than the joint.

Step 2: sealing

  • Hold the pistol at an angle of 45°. So the sealant can always touch both edges.
  • Squirt out a narrow, filling joint. Wider joints are more difficult to finish off.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Moisten the joint spatula with TEC7 Cleaner and smooth the joint off.
  • Remove excess XealPro PT from the joint spatula with Powerwipes. Each time spray some TEC7 Cleaner onto the joint spatula.
  • Remove spilled XealPro PT with Powerwipes and/or TEC7 Cleaner. Never spray TEC7 Cleaner onto a fresh connection joint with natural stone or other porous materials, because this can cause stains.
  • Wait for around 2 hours before painting over the joint.