Roofing works


Junctions between different materials are always a weak point in every roof waterproofing system. With ROOF7 you have a perfect adhesion to all materials, from EPDM to zinc. Even under water. We repair a detached piece of rubber flashing with ROOF7. Fast, permanent and easy.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove as much dirt and dust as possible with a soft brush.

Step 2: Sealing

  • With the trowel or filling knife apply a generous amount of ROOF7 to the substrate.
  • Press down on the flashing.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Wipe off excess ROOF7 with a paintbrush which is moistened with TEC7 Cleaner.
  • Remove excess ROOF7 immediately with MAGIC CLEAN7 Tissues.
  • Clean tools with TEC7 Cleaner.