A butt-joint bonding of natural stone has to be able to resist strong forces. We ensure a secure connection by bonding with 2-K MIX7, a two-component adhesive with a very high adhesion and tensile strength (2500 n/cm²). As always, good adhesion to the substrate is the key to perfect bonding.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Smooth surfaces must be roughened with sandpaper
  • Clean and degrease the surfaces to be bonded with FOAM7. Allow to work in for a few seconds and wipe off with the cleaning cloth.

Step 2: Bonding

  • Fit the cartridge of 2-K MIX7 onto the TEC7 gun. Remove the cap.
  • Screw the mixer tip onto the cartridge. Eject around 10 cm and dispose of it.
  • Apply an appropriate quantity of 2-K MIX7 to the butt edge.
  • Bring the two surfaces to be bonded together and apply pressure. Verify their correct positioning. It is unnecessary to keep the connection under pressure.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Remove any spilled 2-K MIX7 immediately with MAGIC CLEAN7 Doekjes. 
  • The open working time (at 20°C) is:
    • 10 minuten for 2-K MIX7 Fast (complete curing after 120 min.)
    • 4 minuten for 2-K MIX7 Superfast (complete curing after 60 min.).
  • After curing, 2-K MIX7 is perfectly workable: tapping, drilling, milling, cutting with a saw, etc.