Carpentry work


Drilling holes in a cellar wall is an absolute no-no. And often it’s not even necessary. In this example we mount a wood beam against a roughly plastered cellar wall with X-TACK. We can level the beam very precisely, without any support. Always keep in mind, however, that every mounting is only as strong as the substrate, so in some cases it is recommended to reinforce the substrate with FIXPRIMER.

Step 1: Preparation

  • The substrate must be dust-free.
  • Degrease the back of the beam with Multiclean. Let the product penetrate for a few seconds and rub dry with a cleaning cloth.

Step 2: mounting

  • Hold the specially formed spout perpendicular to the substrate. In this way you get the desired triangular profile of the mounting adhesive.
  • Squirt a continuous bead of X-TACK on the back of the beam.
  • Bond the beam in the right place.
  • You can position the beam perfectly.


Step 3: Finishing

  • Remove excess X-TACK with Powerwipes Tissues.
  • The mounting is cured after around 48 hours.